Happy Birthday, MINIBOSS!

MINIBOSS turns 3 years old today! I first published page 1 of episode 1 on deviantart today all that time ago. I still think about MINIBOSS very often. It led me to meet so many wonderful people, and I feel like its creation was a big peak for me and my artwork. While MINIBOSS is no longer being produced, I do have plans to bring it back in a year or so. As of now I have hopes to work on it once The Puptrip is over, but that could change for better or worse. I’m going to use that time to make sure it’ll live up to the potential I saw in it when I was first starting! Thank you so much for reading and loving my stories. These comics mean everything to me.

Concept art!

Even though I put the idea of MINIBOSS to bed, it didn’t come without me trying to remake it. For a month or so I tried to simplify the story and make it true to itself, but alas, it all crashed down on top of itself.

But, I love the conceptual art too much to keep hidden!

Proty by NewGlassesCasual Proty by NewGlasses

Proty Fighter by NewGlasses

Proty’s attitude was made much simpler and could fit into a few sentences instead of a few pages. I also made his colors a lot more saturated to add more of an “alien” vibe. After all, he came from space!!

His outfits changed, as well. I figured warmer colors suited his now ambitious and strong personality. Plus, those boots are fresh!




Humbee Fighter by NewGlassesHumbee by NewGlasses

Not much changed in Humbee’s ballpark. Though I swapped his sweater for something a little more summery. He’s a little softer, a little less coordinated with plans, but still with his big heart!
Jorge by NewGlassesJorge’s biggest change was simply in design. I wanted his gas cloud to go back to being neat again, as it was in some of the first sketches of him. He’d also have been a bit more laid back on the attitude, though he still wants to get his job done.








The planet was also going to be a little more interesting.

Tiny Planet by NewGlasses

House by NewGlasses


While I adore the idea of this, and making the art was fun, I still don’t feel comfortable re-writing MINIBOSS. At least not for a long time. I may make some art on the side, because I still adore doodling these guys! But I’m also working very hard on another comic, which you’ll hear about soon…


….And that you’ll get to see a little bit of right now!

Md by NewGlasses





The future of MINIBOSS.

I didn’t really want it to come to this, but after a lot of thought and frustration I’ve come to decide that I’m going to end the MINIBOSS series at three episodes. While my deepest wish is to tell a big tale, I’ve come to realize that in my current state of experience and time management it’s going to be very hard to continue with that. Not to mention all the other exposition errors that are irredeemable in future episodes.

The comic is done for now, but the story is not complete. I might do something with MINIBOSS sometime far in the future, but don’t hold your breath.

I’m still going to have all three episodes available to read on this site, and I’m perfectly fine with fanart or whatnot! Just because I’m finished with writing it doesn’t mean you have to be finished with enjoying it.

I know a lot of you really like this story, and I do too, but it’s just not up to par with what I think I’m capable of making. I already have other ideas in mind that I hope you will still like to see. They’re going to be announced within a few months or so depending on how busy I am.

Thank you for all the support while I’ve been writing this story, it’s been fun. I’m sad to see it go, but it’s not gonna be forgotten!