Happy Birthday, MINIBOSS!

MINIBOSS turns 3 years old today! I first published page 1 of episode 1 on deviantart today all that time ago. I still think about MINIBOSS very often. It led me to meet so many wonderful people, and I feel like its creation was a big peak for me and my artwork. While MINIBOSS is no longer being produced, I do have plans to bring it back in a year or so. As of now I have hopes to work on it once The Puptrip is over, but that could change for better or worse. I’m going to use that time to make sure it’ll live up to the potential I saw in it when I was first starting! Thank you so much for reading and loving my stories. These comics mean everything to me.

Hiatus over with a few changes!

Hey! Thanks for your patience and understanding regarding The Puptrip. I’m all freshened up now, and feeling better about the story. However, I’m not gonna start exactly what I was doing last time because I feel like things would go off the rails again! So at the moment there’s two big changes.

  1. Pages will only be posted on Mondays. With my job and side projects, it’s all I can handle right now.
  2. Colored lines will no longer be used. It was the most tedious part of the comic and while it makes things look a little nice, I want to see how I can use black lines to my advantage.

Hope to see you here Monday! ❤ 

A little update on The Puptrip

Hi! ❤ I mentioned this on my Instagram account but not here – The Puptrip is currently on pause. I’m not sure if I want to continue the story or not, as it’s giving me a lot of trouble. I’m working on the kinks, working on settling my brain down, and thinking of what my best course of action is.

If worst comes to worst and The Puptrip ends, don’t worry! I have many more ideas for comics that will for sure make their nest on this site. I hope until then you stick around!!

You can see updates on my Instagram @somenewglasses mostly. Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate you visiting my little home.