MINIBOSS comes back to stay in December!

After a few years of letting it hibernate, I’m ready to bring MINIBOSS back around, and this time it’s going to be here to stay, start-to-finish!

I won’t be starting with Episode 4, instead I’ll be starting from the beginning. The story has lots of little things changed around; one of the reasons MINIBOSS ended when it did was because the story felt too complicated for me. The first 3 “pilot episodes” will always be right here for you to read, though! And even if there’s been lots of little changes to things, the characters you know are all still sticking around.

The entirety of Episode 1 will be posted on my site in December 2019! I’ll keep you updated on the exact date it’ll arrive. You can see works in progress over the next few months (and for future episodes the months following) on my Patreon! I’m looking forward to bouncing back into this universe again. Thank you for reading!