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Google Images Prompters

Put these into google images (or your other favorite search engine) and look through some.

“Alaska in Autumn” (Spring, Summer, Winter)

Image result for alaska

“Natural Phenomena”

Image result for natural phenomena iceImage result for natural phenomena


Image result for sunrise space

“Rare Clouds”

Image result for rare cloudsImage result for rare clouds

“Ghibli Food”

Related image



People I admire

Image result for fred rogers youngImage result for the report of the weekImage result for george carlinImage result for elie wieselImage result for david foster wallaceImage result for scott mccloudRelated imageImage result for freddie mercuryImage result for chris mccandless

Fred Rogers, The Report of the Week (John), George Carlin, Elie Wiesel, David Foster Wallace, Scott McCloud, Hayao Miyazaki, Freddie Mercury, & Chris McCandless




Image result for whisper of the heartImage result for big fish movieImage result for napoleon dynamite posterImage result for stranger than fictionImage result for dunkirkImage result for for all mankindImage result for moonrise kingdom posterImage result for won't you be my neighborImage result for the invention of lyingImage result for her posterImage result for they shall not grow old



Shows and Such

Related imageImage result for bravest warriorsRelated image

Not a big show guy but these ones are great! VORW Radio International (Soundcloud, TuneIn and shortwave radio broadcast), Bravest Warriors, and A Fox in Space (an ongoing fan project on Youtube)



Music, Songs, Soundtracks, and Albums

Image result for oberhofer albumImage result for oberhofer albumsImage result for oberhofer album


Specific picks: “Together/Never” “oOoO” “Homebro” “Yr face” “Dead Girls Dance” “Me 4 Me”

Key Draw-Ins: Indie rock, unique synth, guitars, lovesong lyrics, and a very interesting voice with good range

Great Circumstances to Listen: When you’re in love / During moments of confidence / 8-11 p.m. 


Image result for cuco album coverImage result for cuco album coverImage result for cuco wanna be with u


Specific Picks: “Lava Lamp” “Amor de Siempre” “Lost / Heart” “Lover is a Day”

Key Draw-Ins: Warm synth, dreamy vocals, Spanish and English lyrics, break-up and falling-in-love vibes, slow but full

Great Circumstances to Listen: At night in a car / When you’ve just unbottled your emotions / 9 p.m. – 2 a.m.


Image result for tom rosenthal album privateImage result for tom rosenthal album the only timeImage result for tom rosenthal album the only time

Tom Rosenthal

Specific Picks: “Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home” “There Is a Dark Place” “Cos Love” “I Want You In My Dreams”

Key Draw-Ins: Good introduction to folk music, very sweet lyrics, charming vocals, variety of instruments and moods, messages in the words

Great Circumstances to Listen: While on a bus or subway / While taking a walk / 6-10 a.m.


Image result for ok go albumsImage result for ok go albumsImage result for ok go albums


Specific Picks: “The One Moment” “Needing/Getting” “Shortly Before The End” “You’re So Damn Hot”

Draw-Ins: Alternative rock, colorful songs, variety of moods, enthralling music videos, fun lyrics, electric guitar, great drums

Great Circumstances to Listen: During periods of empowerment / During periods of imagination / Noon-7 p.m.


Blind Date Songs – Pick one and see where it leads you!

Musical-like, synth, semi-electronic, singing

Short, guitar, male singer, calming and strong

Indie rock, energetic, unleash your inner angst!

☆  Instrumental, dreamy, sweet, love in a song

Bizarre lyrics, undeniable catchiness. Vaporwave, singing, rock, synth

Warm singing, guitar, flirtatious, good for relaxation



Image result for swiss army man album ☆Swiss Army Man

Draw-Ins: 90% wordless vocals, extremely unique, perfect to listen to while thinking up stories about the sea

Image result for super mario galaxy album ☆Super Mario Galaxy

Draw-Ins: Represents space nicely, variety of chipper and beautiful tunes, good for making character designs

Image result for first man soundtrack ☆First Man

Draw-Ins: Introduction to a theremin, dramatic and elegant pieces, no words, good for daydreaming

Image result for la la land albumLa La Land

Draw-Ins: A variety of tunes, from somber to happy-go-lucky. A musical lover’s dream!



Delightful Games

Image result for pokemon gold silver crystal

Image result for fossil fighters dsImage result for pokemon soulsilverImage result for kirby and the amazing mirrorImage result for mario galaxy

Image result for super mario galaxy freezeflame galaxyImage result for super mario galaxy freezeflame galaxy


Wonderful Comics and Books

Image result for terra flatsImage result for electricity is her elementImage result for understanding comicsImage result for making comicsImage result for secondsImage result for into the wildImage result for chaos walkingImage result for sticks angelica folk heroImage result for blankets book


People to Follow

Image result for daltondoodles

Dalton Stark – Unique illustrations, stickers, a really fun and neat dude

Instagram: @daltondoodles

Image result for kevin budnik 

Kevin Budnik – Diary comics, sweet personality, discussion of emotions

Instagram: @kevinbudnik 

Image result for studiojfish

Jason Fischer – Wonderful comic art, food, friendliness, and life tales!

Instagram: @studiojfish

Image result for demetyoubi

Demetyoubi – Beautiful needle-felted goldfish! All are remarkable.

Instagram: @demetyoubi

Etsy: @demetyoubi

Image result for giovanni forlino

Giovanni Forlino – Stunning art with incredible detail. Purely unique.

Instagram: @giovanniforlino

Image result for the report of the week

The Report of the Week – Wholesome, interesting, enthralling, friendly, great to spend the afternoon with.

Youtube: TheReportOfTheWeek

Soundcloud: VORW_Radio_Int

Image result for contrapoints

ContraPoints – Makes video essays actually interesting. Fascinating topics, thoughts, and characters.

Youtube: Contrapoints

Image result for quinton reviews

Quinton Reviews – A mix of reviews and short films, both are always a pleasure to watch.

Youtube: Quinton Reviews


FeverRetro – Fantastic, creative character art perfect to get inspired off of.


DeviantART: @lesboys

Cortoony's Profile Picture

Cortoony – Exciting and detailed art of original and fan characters!

DeviantART: @cortoony



You made it to the end! More will be put here as time goes on. For now have a picture of my dog, Tango, sleeping on my bed.