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Blind Date Videos – Pick one and see where it leads you!

Song – 2 minutes – Instrumental, nostalgic, made of a sweet calmness

Acting – 1 minute – Just a little bit of vocal magic

Animation – 2 minutes – Abstract and vibrant. Reflective with an honest soul

Song – 2 minutes – Collaborative, a warm display of shared skills. Plus some nostalgia!

Song – 4 minutes – Calm yet hip with such interesting lyrics!

Speech – 17 minutes – From one of my heroes. Lots of wonderful words about self-love.

Speech – 19 minutes – Solemn, but a wonderful listen. Good for quiet, lonely days.

Comedy – 48 minutes – Downright clever! Great for a long break!

☆ Documentary – 50 minutes – A spectacular independent project about an artistic topic



Delightful Games

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gonna add more here soon hehehe


Creators that I like

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Wonderful Comics and Books

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People I admire

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Fred Rogers, George Carlin, Elie Wiesel, David Foster Wallace, Scott McCloud, Hayao Miyazaki, & Chris McCandless



You made it to the end! More will be put here as time goes on. For now have a picture of my dog, Tango, sleeping on my bed.