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My one wish with my commissions is to create art for clients that helps reaffirm them of the validity of their characters, stories, and themselves.
It’s my goal to give dignity, attention, and respect to each character I’m tasked with perceiving through my art.

🌟Take a peek at what I’ve got to offer!

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Click here for the TOS in a flat document form & audio form for ease of access

To contact me for a commission, send me a DM on your preferred site from my “social media” category in my carrd.
I will be in contact with you as soon as possible!

🌟Bare in mind that all commissions will have 10% sales tax.
🌟$40 commission -> total of $44
🌟$35 commission & $40 commission ($75) -> total of $82.50
🌟$100 commission with $5 shipping -> total of $115.00 (no shipping tax!)

🌊Be sure to note each commission type’s status before messaging me about an order. Commission types with βœ‰οΈ beside them will be mailed. Shipping costs vary depending on each item and your location. I can ship worldwide.
Example: βœ‰οΈ ($5 USA / $12 Intl.)

πŸ‰Vintage-Style Plush🌊

πŸ‰Bell Plush – $175/$215/$255 depending on complexity | βœ‰οΈ ($10 USA / $25 Intl.)
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
DM me anytime for complexity quotes
Inspired by 90’s-2000’s plushies. Made approximately 6″ tall primarily with soft minky and shimmering crushed vinyl. Each plushie has a golden hang string with a colorful bell and a custom collector’s tag. Packed with personalized goodies! (food and non-food options available)
ANY creature/furry/beast is doable, no design is too “plush unfriendly”! I’m willing to take on any challenge :^}

πŸ‰Beanie Plush – $350/$395/$445 depending on complexity | βœ‰οΈ ($10 USA / $25 Intl.)
πŸ’€Status: Closed (opens via slot drops)
DM me anytime for complexity quotes
Big and plump! Super-squishy with poly beans in the legs n tush to help sit. Fun to place just about anywhere. Hang tag adorned with a cheeb of your character!
8″ tall at the head.

πŸ‰Combo Meals!🌊

πŸ‰Combo Meal A – $150
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
A bundle of delicious digital art! Contains a 2-character sky portrait and 2 sparkcheebs. The cheebs can be the same characters as the animation or different ones.

πŸ‰Combo Meal B – $250 | βœ‰οΈ ($10 USA / $25 Intl.)
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
A semi-complex plush paired with your choice of a large holo badge, watercolor badge, or mint-in-box badge. The badge and plush can be the same character, or they can be two different ones.
– Complex plush +$50


All badges come with a clip and protective holographic vinyl on the front / back.

πŸ‰Holo Badge – $45 small / $65 large | βœ‰οΈ ($5 USA / $12 Intl.)
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
A decorated portrait with your OC’s name in dazzling holo color! Small version is 5″ tall, large version is 8″ tall.

πŸ‰Word Badge – $30-$40 | βœ‰οΈ ($5 USA / $12 Intl.)
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
Holographic words on a simple background. Great for conventions! Price depends on the length of the text.
Ideas: pronouns (neopronouns ok), names, “silent suiter”, social media handle, “no hugs”, “hard of hearing”, “give me space”, short catchphrases, etc.

πŸ‰Watercolor Badge – $80 | βœ‰οΈ ($5 USA / $12 Intl.)
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
Painted with watercolor & ink. Accented with metallic pen & shimmering pigment powder.

πŸ‰Mint-in-Box Badge – $55 | βœ‰οΈ ($5 USA / $12 Intl.)
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
Turn your OC into a marketable 90s plushie! Any phrase can be put on the box. The possibilities are endless! About 5″ tall.

πŸ‰CD-Rom Badge – $165 | βœ‰οΈ ($5 USA / $12 Intl.)
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
A retro-fied showstopper! Paper on a real CD in a painted jewel CD case (many colors available). Add an extra disc of your OC’s alternate mood or form for +$20!
These badges are fragile and not recommended for heavy convention use. CDs should not be inserted in any device in order to avoid damaging said device as well as the artwork.

πŸ‰Backpack Badge – $175 | βœ‰οΈ ($5 USA / $12 Intl.)
πŸ’€Status: Closed (opens via slot drops)
Time for class! A 12″ double-sided badge painted with watercolor and colored pencil. Backpacks come in various colors, availability depending.

πŸ‰Digital Art🌊

πŸ‰Sparkcheeb – $40 each / 3 for $100
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
Covered in colorful sparkles. Great for Toyhouse icons, profile decor, etc! Can have a transparent background upon request. Human ocs ok!

πŸ‰Sky Portrait – $65 for 1 character, $80 for 2 characters
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
Any sky is doable! Ideas: clouds, space, constellations/zodiacs, aurora, sunrise/sunset, moon, planet, etc. Tell me your vision and I’ll do my best! Human ocs ok!

πŸ‰Gameboy Color Sprite – $55+
πŸ’€Status: Closed (Opens on the 1st of every month)
Styled after the sprites of Pkmn Crystal. Add a shiny form for $15 and/or a backsprite for $10.
See more about this commission type here

πŸ‰Custom Character Design – $65 – $200+
πŸ’€Status: Temporarily closed
Anything goes – any sort of animal/creature, any complexity, and any reference style from a simple front-view to detailed refs. I’ll be working very closely with you to make sure your design is just how you want. We can work within a budget or within a vision, just let me know what you prefer!

The smallest price is typically for new forms of existing ocs & extremely simple designs. The highest prices are typically for extremely complex designs with multiple views or forms.
Excessive tweaks to a design or reference may require extra payment.

Kinsonas and redesigns of existing ocs are ok!

πŸ‰Portrait – $50
πŸ’€Status: Closed (opens via slot drops)
Any type of backdrop or light scenery can be added. Human ocs ok!

πŸ‰I look forward to working with you!🌊
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