To order a commission off the menu, you may contact me through Deviantart notes, Instagram DMs, or my e-mail. Payment is accepted through Paypal or deviantart points only. Works in progress can be shown upon request!

A fun-filled bundle to celebrate one of your favorite OCs or media characters! A package containing a watercolor painting, 3 handmade stickers, and a clay cookie. Shipping Costs: +$3.50 USA +$12.50 Intl

Lore Design

Choose one or two of your characters and I’ll design them an Alternate Universe scenario or give them a story you can use. Great for roleplaying or for getting started on a storyline for a comic or animation. Also good if you just want to give another layer to one of your characters.

Will include a document with a synopsis of the story, an in-character illustration, and other illustrated tidbits (settings, props, powers, forms, etc. Lots of variety is available here!)

A full digital or mixed-media comic page with your characters. Any setting, any scenario. Give me a loose idea of what you’d like, or let me loose and get ready for a surprise! Traditional originals will be mailed, and digital prints will be mailed (along with any traditional sketches that may have been made). Shipping Costs: +$3.50 USA +$12.50 Intl.

If you have any questions, message me! I’m currently not taking other commission types except for

  • Comic illustration/coloring
  • Storybook illustration
  • Plot design/graphic novel assistance