Sun Sprain: Releasing in 2022. The Sea Beast in Henry MacArthur: Releasing in 2023.

New Comics Arriving Soon!

I’m happy to announce that I have two comic works in production!
Sun Sprain, a romance/personal drama, will be hosted right here, free-to-read sometime in 2022. And, after over 5 years of conceptualizing, The Sea Beast in Henry MacArthur will be making its debut sometime in 2023, also free-to-read.

I am humbled by your excitement and support of my work, even after this long hiatus between stories. I hope these two stories bring you as much joy as it brings me to create them!

My comics aren’t made as a career – they are my passion projects, and to make them the best I can, they require a lot of time to write, re-write, draft, and draw. Because they are my passion and not my job, I also keep them free-to-read online. I rely on the help of patrons for buying time and materials to work on my stories.

If you’d like to do a big part in bringing my stories to life, you can donate to my Patreon or Ko-Fi.

Through a one-time donation of $15 or more to my Ko-Fi, you’ll get permanent authorization to my Kelda’s Cove, an ongoing archive with over 90 of my story characters and 1000+ images, plus lore and lots of secrets.

With any level pledge on Patreon, you’ll get permanent access to the comic archive as well as other perks, like early reads and having your screen name on future thank-you pages that will precede the stories you helped in funding.

Thank you all so much, I hope you enjoy what’s to come! ✨


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