28 thoughts on “MINIBOSS

  1. I love this comic so much…I think about Humbee a lot, I just love his personality and I really want to know more about his past…Honestly thinking about how this comic is technically cancelled makes me wanna cry tbh. I will love it forever


    • I’m happy you like my comic, Sam! As for the cancelling, I’m actually hoping to rewrite this comic eventually. You can see some works in progress if you become a $1 patron on my Patreon page, or if you’d like to wait for the final product that’s fine too!


  2. I really do injoyed all your comic even the new ones you made ..
    but I been wonder and no giveing some people saying minibus is canceled. I been wonder if it is .
    I try’s to looks up if it is .. but I can’t fine anything.. so I’m just going to asked , and I apologize if you get this a lot..
    Is miniboss canceled …

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    • Don’t worry about it! You can always ask me anything here ❤ Miniboss as you know it is technically cancelled, but I have high hopes of restarting it someday with heavy editing. The story and designs felt clunky to me, and so much changed during production that I feel a redo is in order. I'm not sure when I'll get it going again, but I will definitely let it be known!


  3. tHIS WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! AgH EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS JUST gsdywugUYTF, i wish there was more episodes ;; It’s a shame you have to end this, but i’m really looking forward to more of your work!! The story,the characters, the creativity and your artstyle is just soo much for me!! It’s soo beautiful and magnificent!! This really inspires me!! I’m really looking forward to more!! <33

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  4. I love this comic so much! All of your characters are so well developed and written- and they interact in ways both charming and telling of their characters.

    Episode 3 in particular was stellar! Beta is a really interesting antagonist, because unlike a lot of story antagonist and ‘villains’, he can be reasoned with, and is actually a rather polite and soft spoken antagonist. His interactions with Jorge are so sweet (for the most part lol) and I really hope we’ll get to see more of it!

    Do you plan to begin episode four soon? (I’m kinda new to this comic and website, so I don’t know if you have a posting schedule or not)

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  5. I much enjoy the way that you have this set up. The site, the comics, all of it! I started reading your comics, specifically MINIBOSS, when I found your YouTube channel. I joined this “fandom?” group around the end of “Cosmic Student”/the beginning of “Rastaban”. Honestly, I had put off reading MINIBOSS at first, thinking it wasn’t much. When curiosity got the best of me, and I wanted to learn more about the characters(due to the YouTube channel and the animations that you did with them), I gave in and decided to read it. I fell in love with it easily, the way you would write these characters, the designs, the scenery of the backgrounds, the colors, all of it. I try to consider myself an artist, as I tend to draw a lot, leading to me gradually getting better, and this was a beautiful find for me. I love the use of bright vibrant colors in art, and this used it in a way that made it calming, yet exiting. When I went on to Deviant Art to find all of it gone, I panicked, then I found the journal that explained the website. I got so exited. You made your own WEBSITE for this! Anyway, I really think that this is wonderful.

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  6. Excited for new Mini Boss content when it comes around! Been following you and your art for a while now, and just recently got to reading Mini Boss and I’m in love. Keep up the good work Flynn, and I hope you’re having a nice vacation, tell Spencer I said hey haha.

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  7. Hello! I’ve been keeping up with your comic for a while, around episode two is when I found it. I’ve really enjoyed it and I love waiting for your next page in the series. I understand that at the time this is posted, you will be on vacation. Please, never feel like you can’t take breaks. Relieving stress is always a good idea!


  8. Hey there, Flynn!
    So, I’m just curious, but how’s your relationship with Spencer going? I honestly think you guys are such a cute couple and I totally support you! Also, I love everything you’ve been doing with this comic. The plot is great, the characters are in some way relatable, and the story just goes along smoothly. Keep up the good work! ❤



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