MINIBOSS Episode 3 – Rastaban

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Original posting date: April 8th 2017


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53 thoughts on “MINIBOSS Episode 3 – Rastaban

  1. I really liked this series as it was, and I’m kinda sad to see it delayed or changed or scrapped as a whole. I read this comic on Deviantart before you deleted it all and I loved it. I remember just sitting down and favoriting for bookmarking, that was kinda funny to me but it worked instead of having a folder full of DA tabs, and it showed how much I loved the comic and the characters.

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    • I also remember before I read it I didn’t really want to, but I saw a page of it, probably because I was looking at alot of stuff and I think it was a Pilot page, but it was long after that. You were probably starting Rastaban or something as I started to read this wonderful series.

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  2. Flynnmutt, I can’t even explain properly right now UwU

    The level of freaking out over your comic, as well as binge watching your YouTube, doesn’t even have a word for it.

    I really hope this continues, and I can’t wait to see more gorgeous things from you~! ❤


    • I’m so glad to hear it!!! This form of miniboss isn’t going to continue, I’m actually working on fixing everything I don’t like about it right now. I’m hoping to bring it back, start from the beginning, and make it even better!


      • Aah, that’s great! I loved this and thought it was great, but was sad to see it discontinued, so I’m excited to see the reboot if you do it ^^


  3. I read this comic a second time and I come to put that, it’s just beautiful! I love the color palette you used, the designs, everything!
    It was a shame that you will leave it until this chapter, but well, some future sure will happen something good ^^.

    I had a question about the characters.
    What ages are they about?

    Greetings, I send you!

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  4. This comic is defiantly one of my favorites! I love this comic so much, I love the colors, and the characters! Keep up the wonderful work!! Cause I’m absolutely sure you will!


  5. as always, amazing work and a great end to another chapter. I admire your art and hardwork on this comic. keep it going man, who knows you might make it big and become a celebrity. looking forward to the next chapter. Carpe Diem

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  6. I really love this! The colors, the aesthetic, it’s all so lovely.
    I was listening to vaporwave while reading, and it all just kinda blended together. The colors, the music, it just kinda… fit. This is truly something I am glad to be keeping up with. It’s not really my thing to try and keep up with an online digital comic, in fact, there had been times where I had forgotten about it, but I’d watch your youtube and remember. Each time I came back, their adventures are further along, and I find myself wondering what will happen next. I even found myself trying to get my friends into it, and hey, I still am! I even considered trying to do fanart for this(which is huge considering how I am so scared that I’m to screw up the character designs with my crappy art style that I never draw anything other than my own characters)! Long story short, I love this. I don’t think I can say it enough.


  7. I love this comic! Ugggghhhh when’s the next page? You do great with the colors and scenes, it’s just so magical and inspirational, and I know that you probably get this a lot, but it’s true. Please, never leave us. You are wonderful. All this from a person calling herself jeebz XD!

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      • Holy fresh flying fruit-fly I was not expecting a reply! Good to know the release dates! Nice idea with the consistency of them. Just remember, if you need a break, don’t stress yourself. Take time if you need. ^-^

        (I speak from experience. I would stress myself with remembering to keep up with something to the point it became something I didn’t want to do anymore)


  8. I LOVE THIS!!! MY FAVORITE COMIC!!! I love the relatable characters, the story, E V E R Y T H I N G. (I could be your fan, but I rather air conditioner)

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  9. I’m just like sitting here looking at the one page recently uploaded like in sr pelos voice “don’t touch tha child !!” but o h ma n can’t wait(actually I can)for the next one, got me on the edge of my seat!



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