22 thoughts on “MINIBOSS Episode 1 – Save Point

  1. Just remembered this comic out of the blue and thought I’d check up on it. I always loved the colors in this one it especially compared to the older version you can see how much growth was made both art and story wise! I assume you’ve either stopped working on this project or you’ve put it on an indefinite back burner, but either way can’t wait to see what you do next! (I don’t use Twitter or Instagram so maybe I’m just out of the loop :’D)


  2. Dude, I love you but the bright green color for the site is… not good, it’s burning my eyes, it makes me feel like I’m a mint ice cream commercial, like, I love you broski but this color is just… not the one


  3. Reading this comic makes me so happy, because gosh, you’ve improved so much. Not just the art, but the writing and story itself is MUCH easier to understand in this revamped version. All of the characters personalities really shine and I’m super glad we got to properly see Donkyx as well! Your comics have always inspired me to come up with new tales and characters and I could never thank you enough for that. Miniboss is a wonderful and interesting comic and I cannot wait for more content of it ❤

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  4. I’m so excited this is back!!! I loved the old comics to death and this was such a joy to get into again! The pages are gorgeous, the story has a more flushed out feel too it, I’m still in love with the characters, it’s just super super super well done! Thanks so much for making this! I cant wait for more ❤

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