14 thoughts on “Bird and Boulder – 35

  1. Seeing this page made my heart race at first. To see a character so full of life and optimism rot away into nothing in front of his friend. It was alarming and upsetting to put myself in the position of boulder, being unable to do anything as nature takes its course. Yet… thinking about it further I feel more at peace about it. Bird left the world surrounded by his family, and boulder stayed there to witness his change into a new form. If Bird really made an impression on Boulder, it should bring him some peace to know that though his friend is gone he won’t be forgotten.

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  2. Man, here i am sobbing infront of my computer over bird

    but Flynn I am super happy with the direction this comic is going and i cant wait to see what happens next :))


  3. wow, this hit me like a fuckin’ bus.

    it’s interesting, really. sometimes you take someone’s own life for granted, doubting that they’ll ever die or disappear. you never told this to this person, and you never told that to that person. you never told that person how much you care or hate about them, and you had so many chances and you just fucked it up.
    that’s me with my great grandpa. i was young and i didn’t like him based on his appearance. when he passed, that changed as a person. i realized that he wasn’t a cruel, old man. but in fact, a man with a warm and caring heart who actually served in the military. i realized i never told him how much i actually loved him, and i regret it to this day.

    it’s- well- brilliant- how humans- as a species- act when death is slim to some. life is so precious, and it’s a gift, so it’s important to NEVER take it for granted. create something that matters to YOU.

    oops i kept going

    but that’s tough- bird dying and rotting for a long time. i hope boulder can move on.

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  4. Okay, I haven’t commented before because I was too lazy to sign up or whatever, but I think this page warrants something. People are pretty upbeat about bird dying and decaying in front of boulder but it’s a pretty interesting thing if you start thinking about it. In western society today we are so far removed from death, the moment someone dies they are whisked away and a few days later they are buried in a thick box in the ground. We aren’t allowed the time to be with someone who has died. Also, I’m personally not religious, but I think when you die there is a lot of energy in your body that gets dispersed depending on what happens to your body. If you are cremated then it goes out into the air and stars, if you decay on or in the ground then the energy returns to the earth or whatever animal you feed(I don’t think it works like that in a coffin though). So, I’m not saying it’s nice to watch your friend decay but it’s exceedingly profound to have that energy deposited right where you are, because in a sense your friends energy is still there. The grass grew from bird’s death. I dunno, I just think there’s more to it than just being sad.

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