13 thoughts on “Bird and Boulder – 31

  1. Man… I didn’t think this story would get so heavy. It’s rather impressive that you created so much weight in a story with such simple concepts though. Very inspiring!

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  2. heheheh i like angst and i like to think that bird dragged himself closer to rock through the pain
    also youre going to get really good at drawing this one rock from this one specific angle


  3. DUDE i respest your desicion since its your story so its up tp you man even though we all be heartbroken thats fine dude (i write this beacause all comment say what to do and what to do not i mean i would be annoyed if i see that not mean i hate others but hope you guys get what im saying BUT ANYWAY curious about next part dude keep up to work!)wow i talk so dratic about this but whatever

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  4. if he dies in front of boulder, he’ll rot, flynn. don’t do that, please-
    his wife will be crushed, his kids will be too, and mostly boulder.
    i cant see that please- please make a happy ending for bird-


    it might make boulder try not to open up to others- like he doesn’t want to see everyone he care for die, even though it will happen- just not like this please-

    flynn i love you in the most no-homo way but



  5. I will sob please I just found this today but I swear I will cry I am not afraid to do that. Poor Bird ): that was so sweet though, and Boulder is really right- a friend means more than other material things ^^



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