8 thoughts on “Bird and Boulder – 01

  1. Miniboss was stopped due to interpersonal guilt and realizing that one sided conversations with yourself only work if you listen to your own advice. Sorry. 😦


  2. Woah, I love the style of your new comic! I’d like to know… Is it just me or have you done the comic’s lineart on a sheet of paper and then scanned it to add color on digital? The lineart seems pretty beautiful and organic!

    Also, I’d like to mention that I love the fact that the dialogue seems to be a huge pilar in this comic. I really love that! The thing I liked the most from Miniboss were the dialogues, it’s good to see that you’re focusing a bit more on them in this little, lovely project!

    I’ll never get tired of your refreshing comics, I wish you the best of luck with them.

    (… Oh, I’ve just had a little idea for a fanart… But maybe it’d be better to wait to see more pages of the comic ^^’… Yeah, I’ll wait to see more of these two ùwú)


    • Thank you so much! I use ink on paper to do the lineart, then I take a photo of it with Office Lens on my phone (its an app, it’s sort of a scanner-like substitute! makes things easier) and I color it digitally. I’m happy you like the look!

      Dialogue will be a huge part of this comic, especially since the protagonist is well.. a boulder!

      I’m very happy you’re looking forward to it! :^D and aww, fanart always makes me smile!! ❤



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