MINIBOSS comes back to stay in December!

After a few years of letting it hibernate, I’m ready to bring MINIBOSS back around, and this time it’s going to be here to stay, start-to-finish!

I won’t be starting with Episode 4, instead I’ll be starting from the beginning. The story has lots of little things changed around; one of the reasons MINIBOSS ended when it did was because the story felt too complicated for me. The first 3 “pilot episodes” will always be right here for you to read, though! And even if there’s been lots of little changes to things, the characters you know are all still sticking around.

The entirety of Episode 1 will be posted on my site in December 2019! I’ll keep you updated on the exact date it’ll arrive. You can see works in progress over the next few months (and for future episodes the months following) on my Patreon! I’m looking forward to bouncing back into this universe again. Thank you for reading!

5 thoughts on “MINIBOSS comes back to stay in December!

  1. I already commented on the announcement for the return of the series on Instagram, but I cannot stress enough how excited I am for this. When I got into MINIBOSS it was really late into its short lived run, but quickly became my personal favorite web comic, and I had been missing it every since its cancellation. I think I almost do get the idea of where the complicated story might come from, and while I don’t think stories with a lot of details can be necessarily bad as long as done right, it just didn’t work for you, and if it didn’t work for you it just wouldn’t be at its best. I think that perhaps a more simple story like you’re suggest it will be could turn out amazing, and I’m willing to support you and this series any day, I’m ready to fall in love with MINIBOSS and have Proty become my favorite character all over again in this wonderful universe you’ve created. Would totally live in it.

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    • Thank you so much!!! :^D it might seem like a small gesture but your understanding means a lot. I’m really confident with what I’m going for in the story now and I’m so grateful you can be around for the new start since you couldn’t be last time!


  2. I’m so, so happy, you can’t even imagine it!!! Miniboss was the comic that introduced me to your art when I first saw it on DeviantArt, and I felt totally attached to the characters since the very beginning. This story means SO much to me, I discovered it when I was feeling a little lost in my life and it helped me a lot emotionally.

    Really, thank you a lot for creating such a loving universe, I can’t wait to see the new first episode that you will show us in December! Whenever you find yourself doubting about your art, just remember that you have helped, REALLY helped people out there like me with your drawings and your comics ❤ I'm not lying when I say you're my favorite artist out there.

    Also… You said "The ENTIRETY of Episode 1 will be posted on my site in December 2019". Does that mean that we'll have a full episode, like, a lotta pages at once, in December? Or I'm just too excited and I understood it wrong, being December the start of weekly pages as you usually do?

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    • Moeva, thank you so much!!! Your continued support isn’t going unnoticed, I hope you know that ❤ reading this warmed my heart and makes me even more eager to get working on more pages!

      And to answer your question – yes, you will be seeing a FULL episode in December, pages will no longer be posted one at a time. It'd be much better for myself and my readers, as I'll be able to spend lots of time up to the last minute making sure everything is pitch perfect, and readers like you get a concise, full episode to dive into and gobble up!

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