What’s been up?

Hi! Been a while since I’ve been super active here.

I’ve been struggling a lot with coming up with ideas I’m happy with and sticking to them. At the moment I have five story ideas that I’ve either started or have enough thought on them to begin. And while that’s very fun, I often find myself stressed.

I’ve decided to sweep all of those ones to the side and work on one short comic, probably no more than 20 pages or so (though that could change) just to get back into the swing of doing fully-digital comics, since I haven’t done one of those since Miniboss’s production was halted about a year ago.

As much as I’d like to get started with that again, and maybe start some longer stories digitally, I still feel like I’ve lost a lot of steam and I need to train myself to work for long periods of time on the computer for a consistent styled comic. I hope you all enjoy what’s coming, and I hope to have it started by at least the end of July! I want to schedule myself a little more rigorously, especially since I’m out of school. I gotta make sure I don’t fall behind!

See you soon friends

2 thoughts on “What’s been up?

  1. Hi, I know you’re done with Miniboss but I just wanna ask one question about it, you don’t have answer if you don’t want, anyway, the question is: What happened to Humbee’s wings? Is there a backstory to that?


    • There used to be backstory but tbh!! I’m not gonna really go into it. It’s kinda unnecessary :^0 in the reboot he just doesn’t have wings, never had any, none of his other species has them either.



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