Jorge then and now

20170719 141014 by flynnmutt

Jorge has probably changed the least since the very beginning. But, a little history lesson never bored anyone!

20170719 140505 by flynnmutt

The first drawing of Jorge (which I spelled incorrectly as “Gorge” for a while). 

Jorge was, in the beginning, a very minor character.

He served only as a means of transportation for Proty and Humbee.

20170719 140519 by flynnmutt

The basic “gag” that Jorge was associated with was that Humbee continuously called him a porpoise, not a dolphin. It was short-lived. As seen here as well, Jorge’s stardust stream could reflect when he was asleep.

20170719 140836 by flynnmutt

Over time, Jorge gained some more credibility as a solid character. I gave him a means to attack with his dark matter shot. I used to just let this be a power that Space Dolphins held, due to Jorge already being able to spew stardust from his blowhole, but I changed it to suit in with the Power of the Universe. Jorge’s dark matter shot reflects his desire to fight for his own gains and to settle his own insecurities.

20170719 141621 by flynnmutt






Jorge, at this point, began to matter more to the story.

He served as the more negative impression to Proty, contrasting the kindness of Humbee.

20170719 141040 by flynnmutt

Originally, Jorge would come down to see Proty when he landed on the planet, instead of Humbee. This would result in a fight. I figured it was comical, but I changed it to Jorge blasting Proty right away for some experience points.

20170719 141051 by flynnmuttRide by flynnmutt

Seen above, the riding styles for Proty and Humbee remained the same before I started MINIBOSS and into Episode 2 – Cosmic Student.

20170719 141709 by flynnmuttIt was fun giving Jorge the chance to be a bigger character. He might have come a little late in the game, but I’m glad he did. I enjoy his simple design, it’s lots of fun to draw. And, I found it more fitting for the main characters to have a living, personality-filled creature to travel around space on instead of a machine.




The travel aspect also later fueled into Jorge discussing his expectations to be a Taxi when he was younger. Plus, Jorge in a little tiny Taxi hat was fun to put on paper.



Jorge Old by flynnmutt

Jorge’s first (very small) color reference sheet

Old Jorge by flynnmutt

Jorge New by flynnmutt





Changes in Jorge’s stardust and color (Ep.1 – Ep.3)

Good Ol Yorge by flynnmutt

The finalized version of Jorge


Sorry this one took so long to get around to! Humbee’s next, hope you’re excited!


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