Found some treasure today…

I thought I threw these out for good. These are some archival MINIBOSS pages from about an exact year back! I thought they were recycled in a far-off land. But I was grateful to find it in the bottom of a drawer along with another old piece I thought I’d never see again!

20170430 162359 by flynnmutt

Three charcoal-sketched pages that I’d later scan and finite on the computer. I remember doing these in my sister’s room one night, we were hanging out. This introduction of MINIBOSS had an entirely different plot. Proty would have landed on a planet that didn’t belong to Humbee, a planet ruled by Lord Radish (still a design I enjoy). I also didn’t spell Jorge’s name correctly, as you might be able to tell.

20170430 164019 by flynnmutt

This was made in April of last year in Seabrook one morning, I was drawing it on the counter. I remember having a lot of trouble getting the color schemes in a spot I liked them.


I also did some digging through my digital recycling bin to find some little old gems before disposing of the rest. I thought you all would like to see them!

0 by flynnmutt

The first reference I used, which was hastily replaced when I figured I’d need much more than something this simple for the entire comic. I think I made this before even starting page one, due to Proty’s larger curl and Humbee’s brightly-colored pants, which I later edited.

Proty Headshot by flynnmutt

This is a very old bust of Proty from sometime in 2016, possibly before or right as I was posting pages.

Old Proty Ref by flynnmutt

A blurry screenshot of Proty’s first reference after the failure of the one above. This one was, like my current reference, littered with layers of clothes and light filters to ease up coloring.

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